Grateful Heart Part 2

Continuing off Part 1, you can read it Here. Did you have a grateful heart this week? Have you told God how thankful you are? I write in my journal daily and in it is all my grateful prayers.  It’s been wonderful to see everything I’ve written down so far even if I’d thank Him over and over again for the same thing. We’re all so blessed in the spiritual and natural realm. Think about it,  even if it’s just you and God and your salvation alone. Nothing else.


I posted a quote on Facebook it says, “when we’re constantly wishing for something, we overlook everything we have.” How many can attest to this? “Raise hand” I’m guilty. We live in America, such a prosperous nation materially but spiritually poor. I do get caught up. I do WANT too much for my own good. We need to take heed in what we DO have and keep praising God for this abundant life even if we don’t think it’s all that great.



I have my family’s health, my wonderful Godly husband, food to eat, my family’s salvation and God loves US…. I really do have it all. Do you know that you have it all? Is your life filled with His blessings and abundance? Or are you constantly wishing? I want to stop wishing and from now on to realize I do have it all.

I want to close with this…

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Love to everyone. Be encouraged and connected with God.